Generation X

Procrastinating when it comes to putting money aside for retirement

People with birth dates between 1964 and 1979 are labelled ‘Generation X’ and are suffering from a widespread tendency to procrastinate when it comes to putting money aside for retirement, according to the results of a new survey[1]. Continue reading…

Global Emerging Markets

Sector shows an increase over the year to date

After a rocky few years, the Global Emerging Markets sector has picked up in 2016, with the sector showing an increase of 31% over the year to date at the end of August. Continue reading…



Catalyse or sabotage?

Supporters of the British vote to leave the European Union (EU) have heralded recent economic indicators as vindication that Brexit will act to catalyse, not sabotage, the UK economy. Before June’s referendum, most economists warned that a Brexit vote would damage economic growth – an argument at the heart of the unsuccessful Remain campaign. Continue reading…

How financially prepared are you for your retirement?


Men narrow the gap on women when it comes to life expectancy

Thanks to healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine, people are living longer lives. Men are narrowing the gap on women when it comes to life expectancy in England and Wales. Research in the Lancet indicates a predication that by 2030, men will be living 85.7 years on average – just two fewer than women. The analysis did not cover Scotland, but government data suggests 76.8 years for males and 80.9 years for females. Continue reading…

Designing a custom investment portfolio


How professional financial advice can prove invaluable

Few of us really have the time or inclination to understand the vast number of different investment products available on the market and consider what the best options are to suit our particular objectives. To do this effectively, it would need to become a full-time job. Continue reading…

Protecting your financial plan


Safeguarding the people and things that matter most

The right professional financial advice can give you the freedom to live life on your terms, and key to this is safeguarding your financial security by making sure you have adequate protection in place to care for the people and things that matter. Continue reading…

Currency movements


Protecting your portfolio

Investors should not try to predict currency movements, but you can act to protect your portfolio. Investing in foreign securities, while potentially a good thing for your long-term portfolio, may continue to pose new threats for investors. Continue reading…

Financial strife

Keeping your investments safe

After nearly a decade of low interest rates and central banks pumping money into financial markets, traditional safe haven investments have become expensive, so where could investors look to keep their investments safe? Continue reading…